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  • Listmaster/ List moderator: Heinrich C. Kuhn 
  • Please send questions, suggestions/requests for improvement, criticism, etc. etc. pp. to: hck@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
  • Nota bene:
    Please increase awareness of this resource with those of your colleagues (and students) who are interested in the middle ages and/or the renaissance and who are new to LMU, or who have not yet taken a subscription to 600bis1600 for other reasons. Thanks!
  • As most of the postings sent via this list are rather ephemeral in nature: no archive for this list is available via the WWW. In case you should need access to past postings: Please contact Heinrich C. Kuhn.

General Information

The email-distribution-list 600bis1600 serves the persons who are affiliated to or interested in Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München's Zentrum für Mittelalter- und Renaissancestudien (rather informal centre for mediaeval and early modern studies) to exchange and distribute information, announcements, questions, answers, etc. etc. pp. which are in some way connected to or relevant for subjects, texts, artefacts, processes, persons and/or institutions of the period from ca. AD 600 to ca. AD 1600. Anybody can participate. I.e.: You don't have to be a member of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in order to participate in an active way (via posting) or in a passive way (via reading/lurking) or in both ways.

Most of the postings will be in German, but postings in other languages are welcome as well.

The server distributing the postings is run by Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) (joint computing centre for the Bavarian academy of sciences and humanities and the Munich universities), and it uses the Majordomo software. Heinrich C. Kuhn of Seminary for Renaissance Intellectual History and Renaissance Philosophy serves as a "human interface".

Fortunately up to now we have not been confronted with manifest misuse of the list (e.g. by "Trolls" or unsolicited commercial information [aka "SPAM"]); however: in case we should encounter any such (or other) manifest misuse of the list, the listmoderator is entitled and willing to use potentially appropriate technical (and/or other) remedies.

Once you are subscribed to the list: Please: when replying to a message that has been distributed to those subscribed: please consider whether you really want to send your response to all those who are subscribed (via sending it to 600bis1600@lists.lrz-muenchen.de), or whether perhaps it might be more appropriate to send your response just and only to the person to whose mail you are replying (via sending it e.g. to E.Xemplum@pfmafnz.uni-muenchen.de); when responding to invitations to talks, events etc. in most cases the second option might have its advantages ... .

According to our 2002 experiences you might expect to receive some one (1) mail per week via this distribution list (a few more during term, a few less during the inter term vacations ...).

How to subscribe to the distribution list

In order to subscribe: send an email to
with the text

subscribe 600bis1600

as the first two lines of the body of that mail. That's it.

How to cancel your subscription to the distribution list

In order to unsubscribe: send an email to
with the text

unsubscribe 600bis1600

as the first line of the body of that mail.

The root will respond that it did unsubscribe you. And it will perhaps add, that it did not quite understand the rest of your mail.

How to post to all those who are subscribed to 600bis1600

In order to send mail to those subscribed to the list: send your email to
(You have to be subscribed to be able to send mail via this list).


In order to avoid as far as possible that "external" advertisements unrelated to the middle ages and/or the renaissance (or even worse: computer viruses) are distributed via 600bis1600: there are a few restrictions and restraints:

  • Sending mail via the list is possible only from those email addresses which are subscribed to the list.
  • The List Robot is extremely reluctant to accept the distribution of message with attachments, enclosures, etc.. Please send your message as far as possible as plain unformatted text. If you really have to make available to the participants an RTF-Document, an image, or something like that: please put it on an FTP- or WWW-server and just send the URL pointing to it via the list. (In case you shouldn't have ready access to such a server: it is sometimes possible to use the WWW-server of Seminary for Renaissance Intellectual History and Renaissance Philosophy for such a purpose - after previous agreement with Heinrich C. Kuhn.)
  • Unfortunately: The Majordomo Robot is hyperintelligent and very protective. In order to shield the subscribers from commands that have erroneously been sent to the list (and not the robot directly) the robot will filter and bounce mails containing one of the administrative commands (subsribe, unsubscribe etc.). Workarounds: use of alternative vocabulary, intentional use of typos, use of hyphens within the command... Sorry!


Responsible: Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn (hck@lrz.uni-muenchen.de)
Document created: 2003-02-26
Last update: 2008-07-04